Passion for Pinot Noir

We’re Pinot makers first, winemakers second.


Our team uses a blend of technical skill and intuition to create distinctive, exciting expressions of the world’s most rewarding grape varietal.

Driven by our desire to make brilliant wines and push the boundaries of our craft, there’s no limit when it comes to Pinot Noir.

There’s only science, art and passion.
Fuelled by learnings and time-honoured journeys of discovery.

And getting our hands dirty, of course.

Why Pinot Noir?

Pinot Noir is an ancient grape that while difficult to grow, brings with it many rewards.

For over 20 years we’ve experimented with different blocks and Pinot clones, trialing new winemaking techniques and viticulture practices. Each step is an important part of the bigger puzzle, from fermenting and aging in French oak, to the blend trials which help us determine how we want our finished wine to taste.

Naturally there’s trial and error, but less room for the latter when it comes to Pinot Noir. 

The root of our obsession? The undeniable truth:

“Pinot Noir is the most translucent, the most transparent, the most hauntingly ethereal and fragile of all wines.”  

James Halliday

Our Style

Each wine is only as good as what happens in the ground; a two-part process from vine to bottle.

In passionate pursuit of the perfect Pinot Noir we’ve found ourselves on a journey of winemaking discovery, driven to drawing the best from our vineyard and the team who leads it.

And we know our vineyard well, that’s for sure.

The Kayena Vineyard in the Tamar Valley comprises over 30 distinct Pinot Noir sites, and over a dozen different clones. These clones, combined with our unique and fertile vineyard location and the myriad of ways in which wine can be made, are what determines the flavour and style of our wines.

Our approach to making Pinot Noir is intuitive, and intentional. 
Some say obsessive, we say ambitious. 

The Method Behind Our Madness

Experimentation in the vineyard and winery forms the foundation of our philosophy.

Like scientists we are driven by curiosity; inspired by the beauty of our craft and the possibilities that abound through various techniques and processes:

foot treading
carbonic maceration
stalk inclusion
shoot thinning
leaf plucking 

Our winemakers and viticulturists are inspired by the unknown.
Our methods a little unconventional; our wines complex and multi-dimensional.