All you need is love (and Pinot Noir)

What did the Beatles say? While love is all well and good, it takes more than the sweet stuff to harness the best of Tasmania’s cool climate. We’ve taken our passion for Pinot Noir to create a range of wine that is time-honoured, expressive and perfected. Taste your way through our range of premium Tamar Valley Pinot Noir, immersive wine flights and aromatic whites. But don’t forget about Pirie – our brother brand – the Tamar Valley’s Sparkling secret.


We find thrill in experimentation, and our craft is steeped in the classics – Hunters & Collectors at full volume is our soundtrack to plunging Pinot caps. This means that as we strike out boldly, guided by our noses for instinctive elegance, we never lose touch with what makes Pinot Noir from the Tamar region so wonderfully special.

Every wine requires a perfect balance of art and science. The science of careful vineyard block selection and months soaking in French oak barrels, along with the art of craftsmanship learned over a lifetime of winemaking.

We’re mad for it, plain and simple.
And our Pinots have a story to tell. 

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Our unsung heroes come perfectly crisp and worthy of a good crack. Trailblazing our white wine collection is our Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris; each varietal made in the true style of cool-climate winemaking with fresh, lifted aromas, fine acidity and bright expression.

Uber delicious, uber Tasmanian. But hey, we’re not biased.

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There’s a little-known secret down here in the Tamar Valley and it starts with a P. No, it’s not Pinot, but you’re close. We call it Pirie – our sparkling wine made with a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes.

Australia’s most awarded non-vintage sparkling wine, Pirie is the ‘brother brand’ of Tamar Ridge bearing somewhat of an elusive story: our vintages are few and far between, with our commitment to quality ensuring only the best sparkling wine is produced. For us, well that just means we’ve learned to covet scarcity. And when you’re a perfectionist by nature you can only make so much of a good thing – a really good thing.

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