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Our Story

We're Pinot Noir makers first, winemakers second

At Tamar Ridge, we have a saying: it takes 50% Sidney Nolan and 50% Albert Einstein to craft the perfect Pinot Noir. That is to say, in our 25-plus years of production, we’ve balanced the art of winemaking with the science of discovery, to master a nuanced and truly extraordinary grape variety.

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Art / Science

50% Nolan. 50% Einstein. There’s beauty in art, and there’s passion in science.

It’s this formula that excites us; one we’ve been obsessing over for over for the last 20 odd years. A combination of instinct, the boldness to say ‘I wonder what would happen if …’, and a deep appreciation for all that the Tamar Valley has to offer.

Bring this all together and you’ve got something special on your hands. A wine to be proud of. And a passion for incredible Pinot that we love to share.



Some Say Obsessive, We Say Ambitious

Each wine is only as good as what happens in the ground; a two-part process from vine to bottle.

At Tamar Ridge, our rewards don’t come in the form of Nobel Prizes for science or artworks hung in the National Gallery. Our reward is the wine itself. And our biggest incentive is to continue producing some of the most elegant and exciting Pinot Noir in the world.