Like any fine wine, Tasmania is a land that should be savoured slowly.  

Tasmania boasts that special kind of charm where anyone feels at home.

Time-honoured and Tasmanian born, each of our wines reflects the nature of our place in the Tamar Valley: rich, diverse soils, our adjacency to the Tamar River, and a dominant maritime climate. 

World class Pinot Noir,
brilliant local produce and stunning natural landscapes.

Welcome to Tamar Ridge.

Tamar Ridge Vines - Tamar Valley

Our Vineyard 

Altitude: 10m-30m

Aspect: Vines are planted on northerly and north-easterly undulating slopes.  Pinot Noir is dominant, with Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling grapes also grown.

Soil: Differing soil types has allowed us to plant a variety of Pinot Noir clones, with soil consisting of clay subsoils and topsoils of quartz sand to clay loam.  

Climate: The Tamar Valley is situated in the north of Tasmania at a latitude of approximately 42 degrees south.  The cool climate, rich fertile soil, gentle rains and long sunny days enable us to grow and produce some of the best wines in the world. A strong maritime climate provides protection from the extremes, helping to reduce the risk of frost during the growing period.

Tamar Valley Landcape - Tamar Ridge